Nosaltres Som Catalogue


Scholar Project
Tutor: Bàrbara Martínez

The catalog of the permanent exhibition of 'Nosaltres Som' collects all the pieces inside the LGBTQ+ museum in a single publication.
     For the cover has only the six stripes that construct the LGBTQ+, consequently, when the book is open, its rectangular shape transforms it into a flag by itself. The information that helps the public understand the piece comes in a sash that wraps around the book. The inside of the catalog begins with the general index and a preface. Later, the book is organized into three chapters based each on a different time period within Within each chapter is an interview with a character connected to the era covered in each chapter. At the end of the catalog will appear the English and Spanish translations and the photographic index along with the book's credits

Format: 190x250 mm
Pages: 192
Binding: Paperback hard cover
Digital printing
Paper: Offset 120 g.