Nosaltres Som Museu LGBTQ+

Identity, Naming, Communication / Scholar Project / Tutor: Bàrbara Martínez
Project presented at Campus Blanc! 2021. Click here to watch the presentation

Nosaltres Som Museu LGBTQ+ is a project that seeks to create a tribute to all those people who fought in a society where there was only fear. In the 1970s, Spain emerged from a long dictatorship that to this day still seems to have its specter present despite the years.
The name of the museum was born from the first recognized demonstration of the LGBTQ+ community in Spain, Barcelona, in 1977 under the slogan: "Nosaltres no tenim por, nosaltres som". For the museum's visual identity, a code of shapes and colors is generated from the six colors and concepts that encompass the current LGBTQ+ flag: life, health, sun, nature, harmony and spirit. Therefore, from the logo different codes are created with different resources in order to play and stretch the identity as much as possible. The advertising campaign of the project is divided into three phases marked and planned to reach the public in a different, efficient and interesting way.

Pablo Cadez

Barcelona 2022